Miura Beach: Kawazu-Zakura

Miura Beach is one of the nearest beaches from Tokyo and attracts many people during summer. Moreover, it is also famous for Kawazu-zakura, which bloom earlier than normal Sakura (Somei-yoshino). Kawazu-zakura are charactelized by its deep pink colores and full bloom lasts longer than Somei-yoshino (from mid February to early March).

Miura beach is located on Tokyo Bay side of Miura Peninsula, Kanagawa. Miura-Kaigan station (Keikyu line) is the nearest station. From Shinagawa station, it only takes 1 hour.

Just after exit from Miura-Kaigan station, you can see Kawazu-zakura at the station square. During blooming period, Miura Beach Cherry Blossom Festival is held around the place and local products are sold in front of Miura-Kaigan station.

Kawazu-zakura are located along the Keikyu-line.

You can enjoy Kawazu-zakura together with Nanohana. The contrast between pink and yellow is very beautiful.

From the pedestrian bridge, you can look over Kawazu-zakura. If you are lucky enough, you can see train cars passing through Kawazu-zakura.

Around the area, you can see Mt. Fuji and vegetable farms.

Miura city is also famous for Tuna fishery and beautiful natures. I’ll introduce them on another post.

2635 Kamimiyata Minami-Shimouramachi (上宮田 南下浦町), Miura-shi, Kanagawa-ken 238-0101, Japan

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