Minami-Izu: Kawazu-Zakura

Minami-Izu is a small town located at the southern tip of Izu peninsula. While Kawazu is the most famous place to see Kawazu-Zakura, Minami-Izu also has very beautiful Kawazu-zakura. Local festival is held on a peak period. from mid February to early March (See Minami-izu town)

There is no train train station in Minami-izu. The nearest station is Shimoda, the last stop of Izukyu line. From Shimoda station, ride on Tokai bus and stop at Kujobashi (九条橋). Rental car would be more convenient (the destination landmark is Road Station Shimogamo Onsen Yunohana. The main place for the festival is also there). It take about 3 hours from Tokyo. From Kawazu, it is relatively close and only takes 1 hour.

Same as Kawazu, Kawazu-zakura line along river sides.

Compared to Kawazu, Minami-izu is less crowded and you can enjoy Kawazu-zakura in more relaxed environment.

Moreover, Kawazu-zakura are lighted up during night (until 9PM).

Minami-Izu town has more attractions other than Kawazu-zakura. I’ll introduce them on other posts.

157-1 Shimogamo, Minamiizu-chō, Kamo-gun, Shizuoka-prefecture, 415-0303 Japan

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