Kitanomaru Park: Cherry Blossom

Kitanomaru park is located on the north of the Imperial Palace, former Edo Castle. The park is along Chidorigafuchi, and on the opposite side of the moat to Chidorigafuchi park way. Likewise Chidorigafuchi (See Chidorigafuchi: Cherry Blossom), Kitanomaru park is also known for an outstanding cherry blossom (Sakura) sight in spring. Kudanshita station (Tokyo Metro Tozai line, Hanzomon line and Toei-Shinjuku line), Hanzomon station (Hanzomon line) and Takebashi station (Tozai line) are all available.

From Kudanshita station.

From Hanzomon station.

From Takebashi station.

The right hand side is Chidorigafuchi and the left hand side is Kitanomaru park.

From Chidorigahuchi side.

From Chidorigafuchi to Kitanomaru Park, it takes 10 to 15 minutes.

From Chidorigafuchi park, you can look over Sakura from behind the moat.

You can go around Chidorigafuchi and Kitanomaru park in an hour. This is a very good option to enjoy Sakura in Chidorigafuchi comprehensively.

While Chidorigafuchi side has more open and wider view, Kitanomaru park is less crowded and offers more relaxed atmosphere.

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