Rikugien Garden: Cherry Blossom

Rikugien garden (六義園) is a traditional Japanese garden located in Tokyo. The garden consists of a small pond, trees, and a hill, which is a typical example of a garden from the Edo period. Rikugien garden was constructed between 1695 and 1702 (Edo period) by Yoshiyasu Yanagisawa, by permission of the fifth Tokugawa shōgun Tsunayoshi Tokugawa. Rikugien is also famous for cherry blossoms (Sakura) in spring and fall foliage in autumn. In these season, the garden is illuminated by 9 PM.

Rikugien is located in Bunkyo-word. It is located in 2 minutes walk distance from Komagome station (JR Yamanote line and Tokyo Metro Nanboku line). Sengoku station is also available. The entrance fee is 300 yen.

The most popular attraction in spring is Shidare-zakura, one kind of cherry blossoms. Shidare-zakura in Rikugien is known for its large and beautiful shape.

In addition to Shidare-zakura, you can also enjoy the traditional Japanese garden.

Compared to other cherry blossom viewing spots like Chidorigafuchi and Meguro River, the number of trees and the scale is limited. However, Shidare-zakura certainly provides differrent attractions, and they match the Japanese garden quite well. As the location is also very convenient, visiting Rikugien in spring is considered to be recommended.

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