Japan is an island country located along the eastern coast of Asian continent. It consists of more than 6,000 islands, extending from north to south. While the climate of Japan is generally moderate, the geographical varieties give Japan a wide range of climate zone and very distinct seasons. Depending on areas and seasons, you can enjoy totally different landscapes and attractions. However, normal guidebooks and websites are not covering the whole aspects. The gap motivetes me to introduce more detailed guide for each area and season of Japan.

Japan is also known for its unique and rich culture, tradition, food, etc. For example, Tokyo represents one aspect of Japan as a very developed and organized country, while Kyoto is known for its history and tradition. However, these most popular areas are not enough to describe the whole picture. Visiting other places in different seasons gives you totally distinct insights and impressions, which usual tourists never experienced. Moreover, even in major cities such as Tokyo and Kyoto, there are many places that guidebooks and website do not fully cover. In this website, I’ll try my best to introduce these minor but beautiful places with detailed descriptions.

Compared to other countries, Japan has many tourist friendly features including the security and the well organized public transportations. Moreover, while many people associate Japan with “very expensive” country, it is not true. Based on my observations and experiences, the general price level in Japan is definitely less than that of U.S. and Europian countries. On the other hand, since English is not so commonely used and Japanese uses totally different words and characters (not alphabets), foreign tourists sometimes have communication problems and difficulties in collecting information. I wish this website could provide practical tips for tourists and compliment the tourist information.